HackIT 3.0 weeknote #6

Week ending 17/09/21

As summer starts to fade, work life is falling back into established rhythms following a welcome break over July and August. All Hands is back up and running on Tuesdays, as is the strategy show and tell every Thursday.

Last week’s session was devoted to reviewing all of the work that has been completed since the initial vision of what HackIT 3.0 might look like was published back in March. Those who couldn’t make the show and tell can view the slides here.

Career development opportunities:

It was good to hear that Amy Howard has been appointed as Associate User Researcher with our first pilot product team focusing on document management. She joins Tom Midgley and Lewis Sternberg, and starting from next week, the team will be further bolstered by staff from MadeTech, the agency which won the contract to help us deliver this project.

In further news, we revised our approach to developing a Standards & Assurance function as part of HackIT 3.0. Three team members – Paul Tyler, Rashmi Shetty and Lucy Clifton – together with Cate McLaurin will devote one day a week to collectively thinking about how to further develop this crucial piece of work.

HackIT 3.0 workshops:

Since my last weeknote, we have also been able to run a final workshop about Standards and Assurance on 1 September, the notes from that last session are here.

We are getting closer to being able to advertise the next HackIT 3.0 anchor role we want to recruit to. Emma McGowan and I have written a business case for the creation of the Product Management Lead role and will be developing a recruitment strategy for this post.

We have also started discussions with other London councils, including Hammersmith and Greenwich, about benchmarking jobs in our proposed new structure. This will cover the types and families of roles within HackIT 3.0 teams and make sure salaries remain competitive.

Recap for any new recruits:

I’m the lead organisational change manager working to support our Divisional Management Team (DMT) to deliver HackIT 3.0, the vision for this is laid out in the ‘Towards our future shape’ document.

The development of HackIT 3.0 is an ongoing conversation, which everyone is invited to participate in. You can contact me directly, join the #hackit-3-point-0 Slack channel, and watch out for regular updates via Google Currents and show and tells.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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