HackIT 3.0 weeknote #5

Week ending 27/08/21

Many of us have been taking a well earned break this month. I enjoyed some time away last week and then yesterday did my first full day in the office since lockdown #1, which was a surprisingly exciting novelty. 

I still managed to miss the bus and forgot to bring in a keyboard… but after some initial faffing about, it was great to be able to collaborate with colleagues IRL and catch up on what’s been happening in people’s lives these past 18 months.

In between people being on leave in August, we’ve been quietly progressing things, and have quite a few HackIT 3.0 updates for you.

Career development opportunities:

Firstly – congratulations to Tom Midgley and Lewis Sternberg who have been appointed PO and DM respectively to our first pilot product team focusing on document management. We’ll be interviewing for an associate user researcher role soon, and we’ve appointed MadeTech as the agency who’ll work with us on this project.

HackIT 3.0 workshops:

Cate, Emma and I held another really engaging HackIT 3.0 workshop this week, this time to co-create some principles for a learning agreement. Read the full workshop summary here and add your suggestions for principles in the draft document that it links to.

Plus for those who weren’t able to make the last workshop on standards and assurance we’re running another session on 1 September, 3-4pm. Sign up here.

Strategy show and tell:

We’ll be devoting the 9 September strategy show and tell to a HackIT 3.0 recap with an update on progress so far, including a roadmap of activity, so that you can more easily see what we’re doing and in what order.

Recap for any new recruits:

I’m the lead organisational change manager working to support our Divisional Management Team (DMT) to deliver HackIT 3.0, the vision for this is laid out in the ‘Towards our future shape’ document.

The development of HackIT 3.0 is an ongoing conversation, which everyone is invited to participate in. You can contact me directly, join the #hackit-3-point-0 Slack channel, and watch out for regular updates via Google Currents and show and tells.

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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