HackIT 3.0 weeknote #3

Week ending 23/07/21

The HackIT 3.0 workflow seems to have naturally fallen into 2 week spirits, so I’m now planning on producing a weeknote every fortnight… aware that’s an oxymoron!

Recruitment opportunities:

We’ve made lots of good progress since my last note, including pushing forward plans to establish pilot product teams. Our Digital Marketplace ad has prompted a number of agency bids to help resource a document management products team, these will be assessed and a contract awarded in the next couple of weeks.

Now we’re looking for HackIT talent interested in filling some key roles within that pilot team. There are opportunities for a Delivery Manager; Associate User Researcher, back-end Developer and Product Owner. More info in Matthew Cain’s Currents post here.

We’ve also been developing some key roles which will help us scope what’s needed from  our Product and Standards & Assurance functions, which will be advertised as soon as we can.

Sign up for HackIT 3.0 workshops:

I’m organising another series of workshops over the summer with different members of DMT. This includes building on some really great ideas which came out of the recent workshop on career pathways

  • Making time for learning at work – 3 Aug (1.30 to 3pm) – with Henry Lewis + Cate McLaurin. Sign up here
  • Principles of a learning agreement – 24 Aug (9.30 to 11am) – with Matthew Cain + Emma McGowan. Sign up here

And back by popular demand… for those who weren’t able to make the last workshop we’re running another session on:  

  • Standards & Assurance #3 – 25 Aug (3 to 4pm) – with Cate McLaurin. Sign up here
Recap for any new recruits:

I’m the lead organisational change manager working to support our Divisional Management Team (DMT) to deliver HackIT 3.0, the vision for this is laid out in the ‘Towards our future shape’ document.

The development of HackIT 3.0 is an ongoing conversation, which everyone is invited to participate in. You can contact me directly, join the #hackit-3-point-0 Slack channel, and watch out for regular updates via Google Currents and show and tells.

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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