Data Platform Project Weeknotes 14: 08.12.2021

Data Platform Project

For more information about the HackIT Data Platform project please have a look at this weeknote on the HackIT blog.

Enabling MMH to push data to the platform

We have been working on setting up a template for the Manage My Home  team to work with, set up and create their project.  The template  will minimise the amount of repetitive set up tasks developers who are collaborating with the data platform team (and Kafka specifically) would be expected to do. This will also speed up the process of sending data from the MMH app to Kafka so that it can then be ingested into the data platform. Kafka is an open source software which provides a framework for storing, reading and analysing streaming data. 

Moving Qlik to the production environment 


We are in the process of moving the business insight tool Qlik away from the Productions API account  and onto an AWS production Data Platform account. This will allow us to move away from accessing Qlik through AppStream. We hope that it will also make the use of Qlik a lot more straightforward for its users. The process involves the replication of existing connections to data sources. So far we have connected to the Social Care tool which is in the Mosaic Productions AWS account and we are currently looking at connecting up the Repairs Hub data. 

Refining Our Product Roadmap

We continue to further refine our product roadmap. We have now established about 25 user needs for four unique user groups. We  have also worked to find common user needs between these four user groups in order to find out the large scale tasks which we need to prioritise. 

We then worked to find common user needs in order to establish the large scale tasks which we need to prioritise. In the image below, we mapped the user needs in order to establish the complexity/difficulty of tasks. We now  have a clearer understanding of what we have achieved so far and what remains to be done. All of the user needs highlighted in yellow have had some work started on them already.

There is still a lot of work to be done but we are also very proud of the achievements made thus far. We will be going into more detail into the development of the roadmap as well as answering any questions you may have.

 Establishing a process for supporting users

We came together to look at the best way to support our collaborators with requests for help. We have found that it has become somewhat unmanageable to keep track of user support requests and the work that needs to be prioritised or is already in  progress. We have come up with a solution to track requests and will be sharing the proposal with some of our users this week.

Next Show & Tell – Friday 10th of December

Our next Show & Tell is on the 10th of December at 12-12.30pm. Come along to find out more about what we are up to and invite others that may be interested (the calendar invite is open). Email if you need any help. For anyone that can’t make it, don’t worry we will record the session and post on Currents/Slack after. 

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