Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 7 January 2022

With the code freeze extending into the first week after Christmas, it’s been a quiet week. Or it was going to be, until a routine WordPress update went wrong. The team swarmed on this issue this morning, and as at the time of writing, all affected websites have been restored.

Before that happened, the team was regrouping after the break. We started with refreshing our memories of what we had been doing before Christmas, especially where that work had been handed over from one of our departed colleagues. However, because the bulk of that work – GIS apps migrations, account migrations – relate to production, we won’t be doing it till next week. 

We had a little reboot session in the week to pick up on some issues in our last retro. The outcome of this is that we’re going to start reserving time for learning each week – a Friday afternoon, though we will still respond to urgent issues, of course – and we will start to have a day in the office once a month. We’re also looking at how we can spread DevOps skills outside our team… more on this as we solidify ideas. It will take a little while for us to work out what our capacity is now, but this first week back has been a (relatively) gentle entry into the new year, with a new team shape. 

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