Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 4 March 2022

Our WordPress woes have continued into this week, with the pipeline between WordPress and Netlify falling over. This has meant that content on the main website couldn’t be updated. After investigation, the issue proved to be a plugin error, but one which was having knock-on effects and wasn’t easily fixable. We now believe the error is on the front end, and we can’t do anything there; the Dev team will be approached for help. 

The WordPress instances have proven to be a significant drain in recent months. We’ll be taking this up with DMT again as it’s outside our remit. The new infrastructure will help, but providing this level of life support is actually blocking us from moving the instances over to it. 

In happier news, we’ve worked with the Data Recovery team to remove five EC2 instances and reduce their EBS volumes by 40TB. Resizing the volumes will save over $4500 per month, and it’s already being reflected in our cost forecast for March. On the costs front, we’ve worked with the Data Platform team to move the Budgets module into the Infrastructure repo, so it’s available for all teams to use. We’d encourage it. 

The first of the three business grants applications has been moved out of the APIs accounts, prior to those accounts being migrated to the Hub. It was a good learning experience, and the steps have been documented. We’ve agreed to pause the other two applications for now. They may be decommissioned soon, and they’re not blocking the account migration. 

Our networking support for other projects is going well. The MESH client for Mosaic has been configured and can connect to Servelec. As the HSCN is only in Production, we need to repeat the exercise there. We’ve also finally cleared up some confusion over the needs for a product for Repairs, setting a red line for the supplier as the original design on their side would have presented a security risk for us. 

We’ve also finally started the migration from standalone firewall configurations to using Panorama to manage them all. We’re starting this in the Dev environment and there may be short-term outages as the Hubs rebuild. We’ll give notice of this, and Production will be of course out of hours. 

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