Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 4 February 2022

A quieter week this week, as we’ve had some more sick absence. That will improve next week when one of our number returns from leave. 

The focus this week has been on renewing our SSL certificates. For anything hosted in AWS we are now using certificates signed by Amazon and managed through Certificates Manager. These are free, and will renew automatically. Certificates for most services have now been created and the details passed to developers for integration. Meanwhile, we are buying a new wildcard for externally-hosted services, and will look to improve how that is managed in the coming year. 

Our work on Globalprotect has moved on well this week. With the completion of work to split Globalprotect into “internal” and “external”, we’ve been doing some tidying up. Qlik is now being tested by the Data & Insight team. We are almost ready with Webreg, which will allow Customer Service Agents to check basic details on the electoral register, taking a lot of pressure off the Elections team in the run-up to this year’s local elections. 

Unfortunately, due to absence and support work, our other work has been slow. That said, we do now have a version of Backstage in staging, which is being populated with the GitHub plugin showing all our repos. We’ll get this into production soon and would encourage everyone to look at the other plugins, and even add them if you wish. I’m particularly interested in the Costs plugin, which will show us how much each account costs in real time. Our most costly account might not be what you think!

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