Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 25 March 2022

We did something new this week: We got together in the HSC. Well, most of us, as a few team members have been sick this week. But for the first time, the majority of the team were in the same place, at the same time, and it was magic. We did our show & tell with an actual audience and proved to our colleagues that we do, in fact, have legs. 

We’ve done some actual work as well. The StagingAPIs account was migrated to the Hub on Thursday night with no significant issues, and it’s working well. This just leaves the Production account and a legacy account that is mostly unused, but needs to be cleaned up. This has been an absolute labour of love, and although the migrations have taken significantly longer than planned, better to do it slowly and safely than to break things for everyone. 

Our work supporting the Mosaic restoration project is drawing to a close. This week we built the reporting server, and due to the limits of RDP connections, we have proposed to use AppStream for the data analysts to do their work. There is a plan B if it doesn’t work, but AppStream is (for once) likely to be more cost-effective. We’re working with the AppStream team on this now. 

We’ve also provided support this week to the Document Migration team, helping them set up additional EC2s to process the vast amount of recovered eDocs into Google Drive. We’ve made sure that these have been set up in a cost-effective way, and the team will ensure that the instances are shut down when not in use. 

We’ve been able to get some platform work done this week, which is good. Some of this has been simply cleaning up code – I say simply, it’s often harder to make your code clean – but we’ve also improved how some of our components work. One example of this is a new CircleCI module which automates the IAM setup for CircleCI for new accounts. This has been done manually in the past, and so this is in line with our policy of automating as much as we can. 

Centralised logging has not been deployed due to sickness absence, but we’ve started some work to set up Athena on the Cloudtrail logs. This will make it much easier to query the logs, especially if we need to audit actions committed by individuals. As said before, a secure platform is a good platform. 

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