Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 23 December 2021

A short week, a quiet week, a week where we’re trying to tie up loose ends and be ready for January. This started with the account migrations; we’ve now moved Housing-Staging onto the Hub, and will move Housing-Prod after the code freeze. The GIS apps migration is in a similar position, with the staging environment having been tested and all found working. Although we had wanted to do production before Christmas, deploying on a Friday is never a good idea – and an even worse idea when that Friday is Christmas Eve. 

The websites migration is also going well, with all staging sites moved and working well. We’ve been able to identify some sites that can be shut down (with a backup held), and we will be in a good position to move the production sites after the freeze. That will leave just the API accounts and we will finally be done. 

There has been other work this week. We’ve restricted the ability to create certain networking resources, and have implemented AWS Federation for GitHub Actions. Both of these changes will improve our security. 

We’ve also done some work on costs. We’ve helped two teams identify high or unusual costs in their accounts, and they’re taking action to address that. We’re also working on allowing access to the staging version of Mosaic through Globalprotect; at the moment this is in AppStream and so before testing ramps up, we can avoid a lot of spend. It’s always good to save money. 

We say goodbye to most of our colleagues from Digi2al this week. We genuinely couldn’t have done this work without them, and we have all learned so much over the last year. Alliu, James, Tom, and Zoli, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. You will be missed. 

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