Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 18 March 2022

Our good friend WordPress paid another visit this week, with more troubles on the Intranet. We’ve applied a manual fix for now, but we have been able to make progress on the long-term fix of better infrastructure. We’ve also had a meeting with a WordPress specialist who is doing a discovery into the estate, which was useful. 

Steady progress has been a theme this week, despite a few curveballs. A significant problem with Webreg in Globalprotect was reported to us. We thought the solution of using the desktop client wasn’t possible because our users have Chromebooks… a little digging, and Palo Alto has actually released a Chrome OS desktop client. We’ve tested it, and it works. We’re working with our Google and Devices teams to get this rolled out, which should be early next week. 

We have also migrated the DevelopmentAPIs account onto the Hub. This went without a hitch, and leaves just the Staging and Production accounts to go, which should follow soon. Both accounts will need some clean-up as they have applications that should be elsewhere, but that can be done later. The main applications are the GIS applications, and we have an agreed plan for that in April. 

Our support for the Mosaic restoration will draw to a close soon, but the essential infrastructure for their go-live is in a good place. We need to help with the reporting server but that can wait a few days, and won’t take long. 

On top of all this, there’s been some platform iteration as well. With thanks to the Social Care team, the backup service now includes DocumentDB instances. It’s fantastic to see a product team iterating one of our modules (reviewed by us) – this is the sort of thing we always envisaged from the start of this work way back when. 

We’ve also been tidying up the code for the HSCN connection, and have been working on a centralised logging service. This last one collates all the different logs in a single place, making it easier for the Security team to review and inspect. This links nicely with some work on permissions we have planned for next month, which will start with a new permission set specifically for that team. A secure platform is a good platform. 

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