Cloud Engineering weeknotes, 17 December 2021

Another week of lots of under-the-hood progress, especially on the account migrations. Having been blocked for so long, the path is now clearing.

The work we needed on the application layer in the Housing accounts has been completed, and huge thanks to the MTFH Finance team for prioritising that. This means we are now able to roll both Staging and Production onto the Hub. The GIS apps are in a similar state: Staging apps have been migrated and the final testing is being done. We just need to move Production. 

Once these final migrations are done, we will be able to move the API accounts to the Hub later in January. We’ve identified some more business applications in the API accounts, and they can move later into their own account. On top of this, the Website migrations are going well, with the Staging version of Find Support Services deployed and working in the new Ansible container. We’ll move the remaining Staging versions shortly – performance improvements mean a deployment is now taking just 90 seconds. 

Beyond that, we’ve been plugging away on Globalprotect, documentation, and support. On Globalprotect we have hit a few bumps on having separate instances for internal and external applications, but we’re getting there with a few tricks to try yet. Progress on authentication groups is happening again, thanks to Mario for his work here. 

We are now getting ready for most of our Digi2al colleagues to roll off the project, so there’s a lot of close working on the migrations and a lot of documentation going on. We’ve done a lot over the last year and it’s time for a break, but please do be aware that from January we will have a smaller team. As a result, we will be going a bit more slowly, so please give us as much notice as possible if you need something from us. 

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