NoiseWorks – Nov 2021

NoiseWorks Week Note November 2021


Our goal for NoiseWorks is ‘to develop a fully integrated case management solution to effectively manage noise complaints in Hackney’. SocietyWorks is working with Hackney to develop a Saas product called “NoiseWorks”.  In Summer 2020, Hackney launched Report a Problem (FixMyStreet), a SocietyWorks product enabling customers to report concerns across a number of Hackney services such as parking, bulky waste, and noise. They are working to extend FixMyStreet to further develop a back end case management tool for our Noise team. We are currently in Beta and below is an update on our project’s current status.


It’s been a little while since we’ve sent one of these out, so we thought we’d bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening.

We’re well and truly into the development phase for our MVP for NoiseWorks. Thanks to Zarino (our user researcher) and the excellent prototypes, and the detailed feedback we received from the teams at Hackney we’ve been able to create a detailed technical specification illustrating how each piece of functionality will work, as well as prioritising them to make sure the team have what they need as soon as possible to help move them away from the spreadsheet being used to log reports. 

Matthew, senior developer from SocietyWorks has been working on creating the admin interface for staff to use to ensure they can filter on cases, assign, and log actions against cases. Zarino has then been collecting feedback from Hackney to understand if it’s working as expected and in a way that will help them going forward. 

We’re continuing to run show and tell every two weeks, so do feel free to come along to stay up to date with the progress. At each session, we’ll show what we’ve been working on and open up the floor to questions and feedback.  At the previous show and tell one of the topics discussed was the internal process at Hackney and who will use the system, from this Soraya and Zarino are organising a workshop to help decide this.